Last month, BBC2 aired an episode of ‘Trust Me I’m A Doctor’ that asked: Can standing up actually transform your health?

We know that sitting all day can lead to slouching, back trouble, weak stomach muscles, leg and ankle stiffness, and a variety of posture-related problems. The programme also revealed, more significantly, that too much sitting increases blood sugar levels, which increases the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Could standing for between 3-4 hours each day actually bring glucose levels down?

The BBC team conducted an experiment with an estate agent’s office in Chester. They installed height adjustable desks, and then monitored the movement, heart rate, and blood glucose of ten employees for a week – during which time they all ate the same diet.

Although the subjects of the experiment had mixed feelings about losing their old desks, the results showed that their glucose dropped more quickly during their standing days – in essence, because their heart rate was higher, they were burning more calories in precisely the way the body is meant to. This result translates to an equivalent of 25-30,000 extra calories burned during the course of a year – or ten marathons!!

Of course, you don’t have to stand just at work: you can stand on the train, watching telly – try anything you normally sit down for.

The programme had another important message: there are good ways to sit, and bad ways to sit, but above all – MOVE!

Keeping movement in your day is our main philosophy at Healthy Home Office; we feel that ‘the best posture is the next posture’.

What steps will you take right now to get more standing and movement in your life?