‘Twas a few weeks before Christmas, when all through the office, we are all not just stirring, but madly dashing to and fro, tying off loose ends, making sure our clients are sorted before the Christmas break, and of course putting the final tweaks on our letters to Santa!

Some features of our Christmas List this year – what we’d like to see under the ergonomic tree for 2014:

  • A ‘kneeling throne’ at Buckingham Palace, with attendant publicity;
  • Ergonomic school furniture in every child’s stocking;
  • Contracts to re-vamp Downing Street, and all government offices (with attendant publicity);
  • A revolutionary new way to be in two (or three or four) places at once.

It’s not too much to ask, is it?

We’ve also been working on our own version of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’. Please sing along with us as we count down to the merry day itself!

  • 12 Celebrities Endorsing
  • 11 Shiny Showrooms
  • 10 Clones of Phil and Candi
  • 9 Brand-new Websites
  • 8 Yoga Sessions
  • 7 Types of Desking
  • 6 Separate Keyboards
  • 5 Hokki Stools (one in each colour!)
  • 4 Saddle Chairs
  • 3 Prime-time adverts
  • 2 Goldilocks Pillows
  • …and a Standing Table in Every Board Room!!

What’s on your list for a healthier and happier office in the coming year? Can we make it come true for you?