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Phil Johns at Healthy Home & Office

Phil Johns

After over 25 years in the commercial office furniture industry Phil felt that there were healthier solutions to the way we work today and so Healthy Home Office was born.

“Having seen work related problems growing in the modern office environments that were being provided in the UK, I spent a number of years working with more forward thinking Scandinavian companies  who had identified the solutions to the many growing problems, and it is now a pleasure to be working with specialist practitioners and customers who not only recognise the growing problems but can also see the benefits  to many of the solutions that we can now provide.”us leo.

Candi Siddle at Healthy Home & Office

Candi Siddle

Candi joined the company in 2012. Having also worked in the commercial office furniture for the last 7 years, she took over the marketing and operations side of the company.

“Working with Phil I have learnt so much about ergonomic furniture and the positive affects it has on our everyday working environment. It’s incredibly rewarding when even the smallest piece of advice given to a client can make the biggest change in comfort to their working day. I myself have a bad back and am now working from a height adjustable desk with a laptop stand and separate keyboard and mouse. So I can honestly speak from experience how it has changed the way I work.”

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