Height adjustable desks have been popular for many years in Scandinavia. However they haven’t really taken off in the UK. During the past couple of years prices have come down and designs have improved and so this type of sit/stand workstation looks set to become a lot more popular as a result.

One of the big benefits of being able to alter the work surface height of a desk is it’s suitability for all heights of user. Even the most basic adjustable desks which allow users to fix the height on initial assembly offer a real advantage over fixed height workstations. This is particularly true for short or tall people who so often struggle to find a comfortable working height.

Electrically height adjustable desks allow for simple adjustment of the height of your work surface. Encouraging you to change posture and so assisting in preventing many musculoskeletal problems. Many work related problems are caused by sitting in a fixed position for hours each day. By changing positions frequently during the day this will help to keep you more alert and productive.

Our body is a good guide to tell us when we need to move, when discomfort or pain sets in it time for a change. So, when you have been sitting for a while and are starting to get aches, you just need to raise your desk and work standing up for a while.

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