Our new catalogue showcases not only some fascinating ergonomic products and healthy-working tips, but also our range of professional assessment services. Whether you are already convinced of the benefits of ergonomic seating and desking, or you are curious and haven’t yet formed an opinion, our assessment will be a revelation. Choose the method that suits your business best:

  • E-Mail: After you e-mail some photos to us of you and your working environment, along with some measurements, we will then spend some time with you in a telephone consultation discussing details of your work needs, and working style. We are then able to highlight any potential problem areas, and offer some recommendations via e-mail (generally 15-30 minutes, and free of charge);
  • Showroom: When you visit our showroom, you can try out our full range of products. We will require as much information as possible about your working environment, features of which we will then re-create in the showroom. We initially focus on obvious risk areas with regard to layout and equipment, and then look more specifically at identifying the right seating for you, with any further recommendations via e-mail (generally 30-60 minutes; free of charge);
  • Site Visit: This is a full HSE review using the standard HSE documentation and covering all aspects of Display Screen, Keyboard, Mouse/Trackball, Software, Furniture, and Environment. We look at areas of risk, and possible solutions, followed up by full documentation for you to keep (chargeable; depends on depth of assessment required, and location).

Does one of these sound right for you? At Healthy Home Office, we love to offer advice and guidance to help people make their everyday working environment a more comfortable and productive place, whether it’s at home or in an office. Please get in touch to find out more.