A happier, healthier, more productive classroom starts with a conversation with healthy Home & Office. 

Improve the health and energy in your classroom this next school year with our Alphabetter Desk. Did you know that adding even one standing desk for your students in the classroom improves engagement, productivity and health?  And it can improve exam scores too.

Alphabetter Desk

But don’t just take our word for it!

St Anne’s Heath Junior School trialed our Alphabetter Desk with one of their pupils who has difficulty concentrating, listening and remaining settled in their work space. They said “The child used it every day and previous behaviours of chair rocking, table pushing and general fidgeting were not exhibited as pupil now moves to the standing desk when they feel this is needed. “

Salesian School used the Alphabetter Desk for a number of students who have ADHD and need movement breaks due to this or other disabilities.They reported that the desk Increased a  student’s willingness and motivation to engage in written work. An additional benefit was the health benefits to staff who are working with a child at a desk – they are not stooping and bending down to speak to them to assist them.

It’s a simple change  at a low cost of just £189* that can make a big difference for the whole classroom this coming school year.

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