We are really proud of our relationships with local practitioners. There is a lot of cross-fertilisation: we ‘feed’ each other in terms of improving our understanding of musculo-skeletal problems and how we can work together to benefit patients.

That’s why we were so interested to learn about Painless Practice, a firm of business coaches for therapists in the UK, providing assistance to practitioners who want to develop their practice to meet current challenges. We had the good fortune to get to know them at COPA 2013, and were impressed with how they offer value to practitioners.

Painless Practice tackle topical issues like retaining current patients versus generating new ones, and how to ‘stay the course’ of professional integrity in rocky financial times. They are passionate about supporting practitioners to achieve confidence and success, through one-to-one support, CPD training, and published materials.

As small business owners ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to delegate and to communicate, to focus on what each of us does best without losing sight of developing and invigorating the business as a whole. We are just too close to the business to see it clearly sometimes! That’s where an objective evaluation can be vital, so you don’t lose sight of what’s really important.