Whether you are already convinced of the benefits of ergonomic seating and desking, or you are curious and haven’t yet formed an opinion, our assessment will be a revelation.


The first surprise is: our bodies are smart – we aren’t! The body will naturally move and support itself for self-protection. When we listen to our bodies, we find out that there is no ‘prescriptive’ height, distance or posture – instead, our instinct tells us how to work in order to avoid posture-related problems.


The assessment process aims to find the ideal working style for each individual. For example, 90% of workers will set their own comfortable desk height higher than standard; the traditional height of 72 cm is simply too low for most of us. Our staff will demonstrate why a height-adjustable desk could be the solution for you. You will also test for yourself why the traditional chair is detrimental to our natural way of moving and working, and be able to compare it with an ergonomic chair.


It’s a great opportunity for us to correct some long-held but incorrect assumptions about healthy working posture, and also a chance for the client to see and try the surprisingly wide and varied range of modern ergonomic furniture.


Are you asking your body to adapt to fit your furniture? Start working smarter by contacting us soon to arrange an assessment. We’ll ask you to send us some photos of your current workspace, and then have a preliminary phone discussion to talk about basic improvements that you can make straightaway.