Animals know when to stretch – do you?

Cats and dogs listen to their bodies. We humans, on the other hand, are experts at ignoring our bodies, suppressing our conscious awareness of discomfort until we are musculo-skeletal time bombs!

How useful it would be, then, to be reminded when, and how, to move and stretch.

One of our chiropractor colleagues, Tone Tellefsen from the Luck’s Yard Clinic here in Surrey, has cleverly organised how to do precisely that: she has launched Chiro Moves, a new stretching app on iTunes for iPhone and iPad. It’s the first chiropractic stretch app in the UK.

Simple and easy to follow, Chiro Moves features 12 short films (short enough to do at work!) for the whole body, with a built-in reminder system. Once downloaded, you add each film to a date and time, creating your own routine according to the rhythm of your day. Chiro Moves features:

Free exercises to help you Stand with Ease;
The Chiro Moves Collection, a comprehensive video library of short, easy to follow stretching and body awareness exercises organised by body area;
Set your own Reminder with easy to use functionality, helping you fit your exercises into your lifestyle;
In-app Library where you can purchase more exercises.

Micro breaks are a vital part of a sedentary working day; they refresh the mind and re-vitalise the body. We are thrilled that Chiro Moves has found such an innovative way to keep movement in our day. Visit the links below to find out more, and let us know if it’s made a difference to your life and health.