More than ever before, people are working from home. It used to be something of an oddity; now it’s both normal and desirable, as new technologies make it possible to carry your office with you.

Creating a home office space throws up two issues: firstly, the available furniture at home may not be ideal for working. The dining table may be the wrong height; the spare chair may have no support. You may be able to manage on these as a stop-gap for an hour or so at the weekend – but a full-time or even part-time dedicated office space requires furniture that’s fit for purpose.

Secondly, many office products can be too commercial-looking. Clunky metal desks and traditional office chairs make the spare-room-cum-office look institutional rather than stylish or cosy.  Especially if space is tight, and the home office is doing double-duty as the dining room or the extra bedroom, the office furniture needs to blend seamlessly with both uses – and with the rest of the house.

With these issues in mind, here are our Top Five Tips for creating a healthy home office:

  • Get expert advice regarding the best products for you, your family, and the type of work you are doing;
  • Be creative with your space;
  • Choose your products carefully – desking, seating, accessories and storage – and consider ergonomics, aesthetics and value;
  • Space planning: design your space with YOU in mind;
  • A healthy home office is more than just furniture; it’s a holistic view of your entire working practice.

This month, use these tips as a checklist to make sure your home office is the right one for you, and the way you work.