Your office chair……. We get called out to many offices where people have reported discomfort with their chair. We often find that people are not aware how to adjust or even thought to adjust the chair.

Over the years of working in offices we have noticed that there are different types of sitters, the worst of which are, perchers who sit on the edge of their seats and have no contact with the back of the chair or slouchers who sit with their back into the chair, but their bottom makes no contact with the back of the chair. Many people just simply do not sit correctly in their chair.

Many chairs today including some of the budget chairs provide a wide range of adjustments, including gas height adjustment and either manual or a ratchet system to adjust the back height. Most chairs with a tilt mechanism will also have the ability to adjust the tension of the tilt and many will have the facility to adjust the seat depth.

If you are uncertain then check with anyone else in the office first to see if they can help you adjust your chair, if you know the model of the chair look on the internet for instructions and if you are still not sure then send us a picture, give us a call and we will try and assist.

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