With a little education, plus some discipline and determination, the average adult can introduce a variety of healthier work practices into his or her day: regular breaks to stand and move around; re-positioning computer, desk or chair; or investing in ergonomically-designed alternatives. The gospel about the risks of sitting for extended periods is spreading: not only does it increase the incidence of posture-related problems, but also the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Children, however, do not have the same self-determination when it comes to organising their school day! They have little to no control over their sitting habits – and yet they sit virtually all day during the school year. The fact that their bodies are still growing makes it vitally important to get them out of those old, rigid, plastic school chairs.

That’s why we were particularly pleased to read recently about a new design of ergonomic seating that is targeted to the classroom setting. Called ‘Ray,’ and produced by industrial designer Simon Dennehy, it accords with Healthy Home Office’s own motto of ‘the best posture is the next posture’ by making sitting a slightly more active experience. It engages children’s feet and core muscles constantly throughout the day, and since it’s flexible, much like the surface of a balance ball, it forces the sitter to keep shifting position while sitting.

Do you have a young person who spends a lot of time sitting to study, or hunched over a laptop at home? Please contact us for some excellent ideas for improving their work space and study practices, so they can start off the new school year right.