I was very pleased to read recently about David Brothers, who has designed an adjustable, three-legged seating solution for musicians (gizmag.com, June 14, 2012, ‘Ergonomic chairs for musicians could help improve performance’).

There is much that the wider marketplace can learn from Brothers’ innovation. The article points out that although musicians are artists, performing in a highly-specialised way, they are often required to make do with a standard-sized, non-adjustable chair, as if all players and all instruments had the same requirements. Seating posture affects playing posture, and breathing – which of course then dramatically affect performance! It makes perfect sense that musicians should have seating designed for movement, changing posture, and how each instrument is played.

Brothers’ chair is made from strong but lightweight carbon fibre. It has variable seat height, backrests for lumbar support, and can be tilted forward using a telescopic rear leg to reduce the strain of the backward pelvic rotation.

We are all specialist performers in our chosen fields. The new musicians’ chair is simply a variation on the kind of designs which should be an integral part of everyone’s working and studying (and relaxing) life.

At Healthy Home Office, our philosophy is: ‘The best posture is the next posture.’ We don’t believe in static sitting! Like the musicians, our working life is a series of movements; even when we imagine we are sitting still at a desk, we are reaching, typing, leaning, turning, standing up, and sitting back down again. It’s great to see furniture which encourages movement, and flow.

This week, take inspiration from David Brothers and think about your working day: is your chair treating you like an artist?