We have been banging on about monitor arms recently and we will continue to do so until people become more aware of this excellent bit of kit which has just got even better.

Our most popular arm, the Flo, now has a power hub that is easily integrated to the base of the arm. It occupies minimal desktop space and provides a convenient charging facility and offers 3 USB charging points. Don’t panic if you already have a Flo arm because it can be retrofitted. Please note that it’s not compatible with the Flo Plus or Dual clamps.


RRP £63.00+Vat

So in honour of this fabulous addition to the excellent Flo monitor are we are offering

If you already have a monitor arm and would like to add the power hub then we will give you a

50% discount worth £31.50 + Vat

Just to highlight why we are spreading the word, Phil was asked to visit a local company of around 200+ employees to look at the workstation setup they had invested in for each of their staff. Monitor arms were one of the items provided.

The employees predominately work on laptops so the idea was that they could plug into larger screens mounted on the arms and therefore working in a much healthier position. When Phil walked around NO ONE was using them. Some people did have their laptops on stands which had raised the height of the screen, but they were still trying to type on the laptop keyboard……Why?….because no one has explained to them why they use the new arms and big screens and that if they use a laptop stand then they need a separate keyboard.

We are going to be working closely with our client to produce a bespoke seminar for the staff to attend explaining all aspects of their workstations along with providing them with a booklet so that they can refer back to something. I will keep you posted on how things process, but if this rings a bell for your company then give us a call to see how we can help you.