Bringing the Healthy Office to G Live: Guildford Means Business 2013

Healthy Home Office

It’s hard to believe a full year has passed since the last Guildford Means Business expo – and yet, we’ve seen both our own specialist business landscape and the expo itself make tremendous progress in that time.

GMB 2013 was an exciting place to be this year, with more exhibitors, more interesting and diverse stands, and a palpable energy in the air.

Our focus for the show was to continue to educate and inform people about the ways they can help themselves feel more comfortable at work. To this end, we prominently featured a corner height-adjustable desk, making it much more accessible for people to sit at and play with. We also positioned a laptop monitor arm with the laptop in place, plus a wireless mouse and keyboard, and encouraged visitors to experiment and ask questions. And they did! This year’s visitors to our stand were much more open to ergonomics as a philosophy, and a lot more aware of what it means in practice; many people were already using similar accessories at work.

We were able to enter into valuable exchanges with lots of interested attendees, who went away with useful ideas, tips and information without having to spend any money – for example, the best position for their personal laptop, or how to improve their desk height with simple raisers. It was a great way to build trust and establish new relationships with the next ‘generation’ of Healthy Home Office clients!

Finally, we took the opportunity to promote our wonderful new showroom, and the value of taking time to visit and try out more products in a more relaxed and intimate environment.

We closed the expo on a high, with a gratifying and encouraging sense of having strengthened our presence and grown our following in the past year. Many present and past clients dropped by our stand to enthuse over the benefits they’d seen from furniture we’d supplied.
Don’t worry if you couldn’t attend the expo – coming to see us at our new showroom is just as easy, and you’ll get our undivided attention, too! Contact us soon to set a date.