Boost Productivity with Healthy Offices

We offer advice and guidance on all aspects of Workplace Furniture, for your Commercial Office Requirements. From a single desk or chair to an entire refurbishment, we provide a seamless process, from design to installation.  We pride ourselves on exceeding our client’s expectations, on time and on budget, delivering projects which inspire, improve productivity and reflect your style.

Seating for Commercial Offices

Any old chair used to be good enough to work from, in the past, but nowadays we are much more aware of our posture and the impact on our health. Healthy Office Chairs improve well being, boost productivity and reduce workplace injuries due to poor seating.

Which seating range do you require?

Ergonomic Seating – Task Seating – 24 Hour Seating

Reception Furniture for Commercial Offices

Office Reception Areas are the first point of contact a visitor has with your company and in that first instance judgments can be made. Healthy Home Office supply a design service and comprehensive range of furniture to meet your requirements.

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Healthy Offices Boost Productivity

Why do you think the likes of Google and Facebook spend so much time, money and effort making the working environment of their employees a nice place to be. It’s simple. A happy employee is a productive one. You might not have the same budget to spend as Google or Facebook but you can learn from their ways and adapt your working environment to suit your employees.

In addition to Office Seating, Desking and Reception areas, we also stock a wide range of additional products.

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