We have specialised in ergonomic office furniture for the last 10 years and over that time we have watched our children grow up in a technology driven, sedentary world and over the years we have watched them develop bad posture habits. Through our years of encouraging movement in the workplace we wondered how we could help change the classroom environment whether it be within schools, colleges or universities through furniture. Our guide to ergonomic school furniture shows a selection of products that promotes movement, has positive effects on things like concentration, has physical benefits such as working their core and helps towards the fight against obesity. Change can come not a moment too soon!

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to change the classroom environment for a healthier option. The benefits for all children whatever their age and ability far outweigh the costs.


We spent over a year trialling this product in schools around the UK to put actual results against what we believed to be the benefits of this desk and it was an outstanding success. The AlphaBetter offers the student the ability to stand and work. This alone promotes improvements in general wellbeing and increased energy levels, but with the added benefit of the fidget bar, this gives the user the facility to move and fidget in a controlled way. The results showed increase attention span, concentration, focus, class participation and supports children with ADHA, Anxiety and ASD.

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Prices from £189.00 + vat

 Our opinion: We think every classroom should have at least one standing desk.

 Don’t just take our word for it.

Rosendale Research School Student feedback “I found that when I am standing, I have more energy and I think my attention is better and I feel more active after the end of the school day” Teacher feedback “The large majority of children in the class prefer standing desks to traditional table and chairs. I have not encountered any drawback so far”

Rowan Park – For one particular pupil it has enabled him to sit longer and be engaged in lessons as he can move his feet without distracting from the lesson and unknown to staff and Peers. It is very useful resource for this pupil who has Autism and ADHD.

Salesian Secondary School – “increasing student’s willingness and motivation to engage in written work, plus health benefits to staff who are working with children, they are no longer stooping or bending down to speak to them or assist them”


The Hokki stool introduces dynamic movement within a stool for students and teachers.  Its convex base encourages the body to move – leading to healthier sitting, reducing tension and mental fatigue. The polypropylene body is durable and extremely light. The stool is available in 5 different fixed heights and also 2 height adjustable versions. The height adjustable stools have gas lifts which make it very easy to change the height. Also available with cushion top.

Prices from: £80.00 + vat

Our opinion:Great all round product for children and adults


Talent is a mobile, foldable, stackable and fixed height or manually height adjustable providing great versatility to multi-use classrooms. With the manually height adjustable option there is no need for an electrical connection which means no cables in the classroom. There is an option for a laminated writable desk top so you can flip the top and use it as a white board. As with the AlphaBetter desk, being able to stand up and work has huge benefits for the user, but with the TALENT desk you are able to change from sitting to standing easily. Two of the wheel castors have brakes so once you have chosen your layout for the class you can secure the desks in position.

Prices from Fixed height – £298.00 + vat.  height adjustable – £442.00 + vat

 Our opinion: Great qulaity, flexible product


The Zenergy™ Swivel ball chair will keep everyone active and productive with its 360° swivel base. This chair is basically an anti-burst exercise ball covered in mesh on a swivel base. The movement helps promote better posture and balance while working your core muscles and giving the user that much needed movement to help aid concentration and focus. This chair could be used in the classroom, breakout areas and libraries and by students and teachers.

Prices from £175.00 + vat

 Our opinion: Stunning looks with a healthy twist.


The Fidget stool is available in 3 different sizes. As with all our stools it offers movement which promotes general wellbeing etc, but this stool also offers a very comfortable and moulded foam seat. The contours in the foam keep you in a neutral sitting position. It is lightweight, portable and durable.

Price from £125.00 + vat

Our opinion: One of the most comfortable dynamic stools available

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