We are really proud of our relationships with local chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists; we are able to build on each other’s knowledge base, and add value for all our clients.

These relationships are the result of a concerted, long-term effort on our part to establish connections and encourage trust. When we first started out, no one knew us; we had to prove that we were consistent, professional and reliable.

Initially, we try to get practitioners into our showroom, do an assessment, and talk about the products with them. Once they see that we ‘know our stuff’, they start sending their patients to us; we play a significant role in holistically addressing musculo-skeletal problems.

We started out doing lots of cold calling; now, medical professionals are starting to contact us first! Our Hokki stool mailing resulted in lots of interest from the profession.

Surprisingly, ergonomic information is often very new to practitioners. While they have an understanding of work-related physical ailments, some have no idea what is available to address the problem. And of course, there are always pre-conceptions, especially about price.

 At Healthy Home Office, we are about so much more than just furniture! We have years of knowledge and experience behind us that is contributing to a greater understanding of musculo-skeletal problems. We’d be delighted if we could help you too, so please do get in touch with Phil or Candi.