Looking for Office Ideas?Read through our 5 productive office ideas, to help make your office environment a nicer place to be.

Here are our top 5 tips to consider when looking to make your office a more productive place to work.

1. Comfort

Sit well without sacrificing posture

Being comfortable is a priority given how long we need to sit down and focus.

The more comfortable we are, the more productivity and concentration improves.

It may sound simple, but it is important from a health point of view to have a good posture, which will help you for a lifetime.

Make sure that you look at the adjustments for your chair

Don’t be afraid to experiment.

If you feel your desk is too low, use bricks or lengths of wood to raise it to a more suitable height.

2. Style

Be creative to make your office a nicer place to be

The office doesn’t need to be plain and boring.

In fact, adding a touch of style to your environment will ensure the office is welcoming, and a positive place to work.

Using colour within your furniture range will offer the chance to add some character to the space.

Where possible look at the colours you use in your brand and see if you can add complimentary colours throughout the office.

Don’t be afraid to be bold.

3. De-Clutter

Tidy Office, Tidy Mind

Clutter just stops production.

If people can’t find things easily, it will slow the whole process down.

Make sure you have good storage to keep items safe and easy to find.

Having a clean and tidy environment, especially in open plan spaces increases the productivity of teams and is much more pleasant to spend the day working in.

4. Focus

Remove Distractions in the office

Some distractions are good, such as a cup of coffee and a catch up during your break.

However, if you have a ton of calls to make you probably need some peace and quiet.

Avoid noise and distraction by looking at areas in the office that may need sound reduction. Introducing fabric partitions between desks can help with this.

Did you know: Adding a few plants in your office can help absorb sound?

5. Time Out

Break the cycle, invigorate the mind and body

How many of us eat at our desks. Making sure that you have a breakout area is important for your employee’s health.

Taking regular breaks from your screen and allowing you socialise with your work colleagues raise moral and strengthens relationships.

It doesn’t have to just be somewhere to eat lunch, it can be used to relax and hold informal meetings.

Maybe use sofas and beanbags instead of tables and chairs.

Go crazy and add a ping pong table!

Productive Office Ideas

Healthy Desks, Healthy Chairs and Functional Offices

Healthy Home Office can help you create an office which promotes productivity, relieves stress and improves long term health.

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