Monitor arms are possibly one of the most underrated accessories available today to assist with office ergonomics.

When you place your monitor or laptop onto an arm it allows you to experiment with the position to find the ideal working height for you.

The wrong height can result in added pressure on your upper back and neck, but with this particular arm you can also adjust the depth of your monitor or laptop as and when required through your working day.

Many of us get tired eyes towards the end of a working day and we tend to lean out of our chairs towards the screen therefore losing the support from our chair, adding pressure on our spine with our head tilting forward and our shoulders hunched.

What we need to do is bring our monitor arm towards us so that we stay in the comfort of our chair and with your head in its preferred position and our shoulders back.

Adjust your Monitor not your Posture

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  Arm with Laptop Mount                                   Arm for monitor


Monitor Arms

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