New website, new showroom and now our new Practice leaflet….we are on a roll!

With our new website showing many new products, it was decided to keep the leaflet simple and easy to read and to use it to guide people to our website where they can get far more information about us and the products that we offer.

Many of you have our literature stand and leaflet in your practice for your patients to pick up and take with them. If you would like a quantity of our new leaflet or you don’t have a stand then contact

Click on the link below to view the leaflet.

We will be dedicating more time to updating the website with new products over the course of the year, looking to improve our ranges and to meet all budgets.

Our focus remains offering your patients the best advice on finding the right solution for their particular needs, whether it be changing the way they use their existing furniture or providing them with a new desk or ergonomic chair, you can rest assured that they are in good hands. With our new, bigger and better showroom they have the opportunity to visit and try a variety of products to help them find the best solutions. If you and your patients aren’t local, then some us some photos of your working environment and we help you through our free email assessment service.

Please contact Candi, Phil or Graham for more information.