You’ve probably noticed that the term ‘ergonomic’ is over-used, and often mis-used too. Unlike ‘organic’, it’s not a word that can be regulated! (We’d almost prefer the term ‘functional’ to describe the seating, desking and accessories that we supply.)

As a result, the public often gets the wrong idea about what ergonomic is, and isn’t. The main problem is the lack of understanding, and the assumption that the solution is buying something, rather than holistically changing something.

One popular notion is that there is ONE accessory/ item of furniture that is going to sort out every problem, for everyone, when in reality every body/issue/working style is different.

Another assumption is that ‘one posture is perfect’ – again, that magic formula that will cover all the bases for everyone. We say: you can sit in ANY position you want – for 5-10 minutes! It’s a very different story if it’s 6-8 hours of sitting.

Further, some ‘ergonomic’ accessories that many people rely on and swear by are simply counter-productive. The wrist rest, for example, is completely redundant (and even deleterious) because our hands have been rather cleverly designed to include a slightly padded area at the base of the thumb and palm, which lifts the hands into the correct position to protect the wrists.

The most problematic misconception is that an ergonomic solution is going to be expensive – quite the contrary.  One of our clients, a laptop user, had virtually no budget, but was able to stretch to a keyboard without a number pad, and a laptop stand, for the princely sum of £44 (six months later, he came back for a height-adjustable desk!). The wonderful Hokki stool costs just £60, and an upright mouse is only £28. And for one of our clients, all we did was raise her monitor!

The upshot is: it’s really worth having an assessment to find out what your problem actually is (it may not be what you think), identify the priority product, and then consider other products much later on. Please see our website for information on the types of assessment available.