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Our aim is to design and create an ergonomic, flexible working environment for our clients. From a single workstation to an entire refit, we will spend time listening to what your requirements are and how best to meet your needs. If you have a clear vision of what you want to create, then we can source the products for you. We can also recommend products that will fit the area they are needed for. Space planning is a vital part of what we offer. Whether it’s making the most out of your existing environment or helping with the design of new premise, we will ensure that you are making the most out of the space available. From design to installation, we are able to assist with every aspect of your project.

We can carry out:

  • Storage audit
  • Space Planning
  • 3D designs and animated walkthroughs
  • Project Management
  • Interior Design
  • Delivery and Installation

Healthy Home Office provide a comprehensive design and space planning service for your office requirements. When taking on new premises, it can be a daunting task to know how to layout the new office environment. How many desks do you need, which is the most effective way to set them out and so on. This is where our design service comes into play.

First Step

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements over the phone. Call us on 01483 600085

Second Step

In some cases, we can liaise with you remotely by taking measurements, photos and details of how many staff you need to accommodate but where possible, we will visit you on site and provide you with a full and detailed proposal for the optimum layout, to suit your needs.

Case Study – Commercial

An example of a recent project is detailed below, to give you an idea of what we can offer.

This is a client of ours who decided to merge 3 separate locations into one larger office. Healthy Home & Office helped them to make the best use of space by first identifying how they work, before proposing a layout which maximised work efficiency.
  • 160cm crescent desks were replaced with 160cm rectangular bench desking (sharing frames enabled them to reduce costs)
  • Introduced colour co-ordinated departments in the open plan area
  • Departments were separated by utilising medium height storage units
  • Meeting Rooms – The MD previously had a much larger office with his own meeting table (which we identified was only used once or twice a week) so we left him with a large office but introduced a central foldaway wall which enables the meeting area to be separated and used by other staff for the rest of the week when not required by the MD
  • Introduced 3 Breakout/Soft seating areas (multifunctional area for staff to have informal meetings + alternative areas for coffee / lunch)
  • Meeting rooms became bookable and the large Boardroom (which previously got used once or twice a month) got changed into a multi functions room with flexible furniture which can be made up into various layouts so this room can now be – Boardroom, school style training room or a hot desking area.
  • The restaurant canteen was then changed from standard canteen style and made into more of an open plan area with colour and we also introduced standard height tables and chairs plus higher poseur style tables and high stools – this also becomes an area which can be used for informal meetings plus we included a high bench at one end which also gets used as a short term hot desking/touchdown area

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