We thought it would be nice to get some feedback from some of our happy customers and get an insight as to what led them to our door and how we helped them. Rebecca Newenham, owner of Get Ahead VA, took some time to answer some questions.

What made you decide to look at changing your Home Office?

We had an extension at home and my home office was extended and it was the perfect time to review my office furniture.  As the room was now larger it meant I could have a larger desk etc to accommodate client and team meetings.

 Why did you contact Healthy Home & Home? 

HH&O happen to be a client of ours so it was the perfect time to actually me able to try out some of their products for myself!  I was really aware of the benefits of the range of office furniture and felt that it was now my time to benefit!

 Was your visit to their showroom beneficial? 

Really helpful.  For purchasing office furniture, I was keen to look at all the options available to me and I wanted to physically sit at the desks and on the chairs so I could make the right decision for me.

 What changes did they suggest and did you carry all of them out? 

I knew I wanted a height adjustable desk so that was the easy part!  Phil was extremely patient helping me with the chair options and I found the ideal one in the ideal colour! Phil even went the extra mile in helping me think of options for my Mac.

What benefits have you seen since? 

I love the fact that I can vary my seating options.  The desk continues to thrill clients as I lower it and raise it to my heart’s content!  My children also love working at my desk as they feel they have so many options available to them!  Most importantly I no longer get an aching shoulder and I feel that Phil was so patient with me and naturally interested in getting the best possible combination of desk and chair for my budget.

 What would you say to someone who has complained about aches and pains while they are working? 

I am always singing the praises of the height adjustable desk in particular and want to encourage as many people as possible to consider adjusting the way they work and varying their seating position.  HH&O are doing a wonderful job at educating home workers in particular about the benefits of working in different positions throughout the day. 

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