Ergonomics – ‘work science’ – is a new area for many people. For many of us, our first introduction to the concept is when something goes wrong – for example, a work-related health issue.

Humans are not designed to sit – at least, not nearly so much as we do. Instead, we are meant to stand, walk, and generally move around. Modern life, however, has become so sedentary, that it has brought its own brand of challenges in terms of how we adapt. If we don’t adapt successfully, we face health problems.

Adaptation, in this case, means adjusting our environment to fit the way we are designed, the way we function, and the way we all differ from each other. This goes beyond the physical, to encompass our different intellectual capabilities, working and learning styles, personality, knowledge, and experience.

Therefore, ergonomics is the very opposite of the ‘one size fits all’ approach.

A man measuring over six foot is not going to find the same desk and chair appropriate as his five foot four female colleague – and it’s almost certain that even the female colleague is not going to be ‘average’ either. So, everyone’s ideal ergonomic fit is going to be different.

In the UK, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) oversees the regulation of the workplace. Fifteen years ago, with the increase in computer use, VDU regulations were implemented. But Politics intervened, and the government has held back from making the more stringent regulations and requirements that we at Healthy Home Office believe are needed. Instead, it’s down to individual companies to investigate and regulate their ergonomic issues.

However, the HSE do make the point that ‘good ergonomics sense makes good economic sense. Ergonomics input does not necessarily involve high costs, and can save money in the long term by reducing injuries and absence from work.’

Here at Healthy Home Office, we believe it can also make your company happier, healthier, and more productive!

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