Take a moment to calculate the number of hours spent each day in your office chair.

If we work the basis of 8 hours per day, five days a week then you are looking at around 1900 hours per year OR 79 days that we are spending sitting down.

So why is it that one of the most important parts of our office equipment is quite often where we try to save the most money?

Introducing a level of ergonomics to an office chair doesn’t cost the earth and with our, HHO Summer Offer it’s even more affordable.

The downside into not looking at our ever-increasing sedentary lives and not bringing more movement into our day is an increased risk of posture problems (back, neck and shoulders), diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


The Lunar chair provides good basic functionality and introduces some aesthetic design content, so provides an excellent all-round task chair at a great price point. (Full 5-year warranty) 

Lunar comes with Mesh back, gas height adjustment, adjustable lumbar support, synchro seat & back adjustment, (RRP £215.00)  HHO Summer Offer – starting from £149.00+VAT With arms £174.00+VAT

Capisco Puls

HÅG Capisco Puls is based on the legendary Capisco saddle-seat chair for working at table height of 74cm and higher, encourages a healthier open angle between thighs and torso with ergonomic content at the heart of its design…(Full 10-year warranty) 

Capisco Puls comes with saddle seat, and shaped back, gas height adjustment, small seat pad (RRP from £287.00)

HHO Capisco Puls Summer Offer

starting from £199.00+VAT

Sofi Mesh

A truly ergonomic product, designed to help energise the user, the  SoFi mesh helps improve focus and general well-being….(Full 10-year warranty). 

Sofi Mesh comes with InBalance™ mechanism (balanced, flowing tilt function backward and forwards) encourages dynamic movement, Seat depth adjustment, Adjustable Lumbar support, gas height adjustment, Adjustable tilting resistance forwards and backward, (RRP from £495.00)

HHO Sofi Mesh Summer Offer

  • starting from £339.00 + vat
  • with arms £424.00 + vat

Healthy Home & Office specialize in providing advice and products which will create a healthier and more comfortable working environment (including many things which can be done for no cost!).

Visit our Send or Warrington showroom where you can meet us and learn more about the ergonomic benefits of the products we have on display and how they can help your patients.

“Their wealth of experience gives you confidence in the innovative products they sell will be right for you.” – Isobel Heppenstall – Physiotherapist.

Call Candi (Send) on 01483 600085 to arrange an appointment.

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