We are all aware there are many health risks with the modern way of working.

We have become far more sedentary than we have been in the past which is resulting in people suffering with, more work related injuries such as back, shoulder and neck problems.

What are the risks of current working practices?

When you sit you shut off the circulation of a fat absorbing enzyme called Lipase. When you stand your muscles are engaged and Lipase is distributed which tells your body to process fat and cholesterol. Sitting also distorts the natural curvature of the spine, we compress many internal organs and fatigue sets in.

Height adjustable desking has been used in Scandinavia for many years and provides a far healthier solution, but for many companies within the UK it’s still not considered for general desking. Even though in many cases it is far more affordable than people think. We often suggest one or two height adjustable desks within an office environment to individuals to have a chance to change from sitting to standing throughout the day.

A task chair that has been ergonomically designed does not have to be complicated to use, nor does it have to be expensive. However, the difference between a cheaper chair that offers little support and no movement and a dynamic chair is huge. The benefits are worth the expense.

The benefits of a height adjustable desk

  • Movement wakes up your body and encourages all natural processes to work as they were designed to.
  • You feel happier, healthier and more productive.
  • Reduces aches and tension.
  • Standing burns an extra 60 calories per hour (2 hours a day over a year = 20lbs per year)
  • Standard desk heights of 74cm+/- 2cm are too low for many people within the office.

The benefits of ergonomic seating

  • Movement and support while you work.
  • Opens the angles between the tights and torso.
  • Reduces the pressure on our necks, shoulders, abdomen, and backs.
  • Improves blood flow, digestion, and breathing.
  • Increase in comfort and productivity.

Reduce the risks of major disease, raise productivity and the bottom line of the company and decrease presenteeism……employees being at work, but not working to their full ability as they are unwell.

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