Healthy Assessment Services

Whether you want to liaise with us via e-mail, visit our showroom or have us provide you with an on-site audit, Healthy Home & Office can provide a workstation assessment for all situations. We will help identify any current or possible future issues and advise of the best course of action.

Coming soon……

We will be launching two new services in February 2019, our very own Online Assessment Service that we have produced in conjunction with an Ergonomist and our “Lunch and Learn” Seminars. All will be revealed shortly.

E-Mail Assessment

Assessment Service is fully available free of charge to any client. We will ask for a number of photos of the individuals working environment, ideally with a couple of photos showing the person at work, along with dimensions of the working area and the size and height of desk being used. After looking at the images supplied we will spend some time on the phone discussing the sort of work, the equipment being used and the amount of time spent working following which we will generally highlight any potential problem areas after which will be followed up with any recommendations via e-mail.

Cost: Free Time: 15 – 30 Minutes

Showroom Assessment

Assessment Service for client’s visiting our showrooms, where they will be able to try out our full range of products. We will require as much information as possible about their working environment and we will look to re-create their set up in our showroom. We will initially focus on any obvious risk areas with regards to layout and positioning of equipment after which we will focus on setting the person up in one of our quality ergonomic chair’s, any recommendations will be confirmed via e-mail. Again this is a free of charge service.

Cost: Free Time: 30 – 60 Minutes

On-Site Assessment

Full HSE assessment using the standard HSE documentation covering all aspects of Display Screen, Keyboard, Mouse/Trackball, Software, Furniture and Environment, this will involve going through each section of the HSE documentation during which we will include notes regarding any current or potential areas of risk, each are will be addressed with possible solutions which can be used to reduce or remove any identified areas of risk, this will be followed up by providing the full documentation for the customer to keep, and make notes as and when amendments and solutions are provided – chargeable and depends on the depth of assessment required location

Cost: From £99.00 up to £299.00