We have seen an increase in numbers of patients referred to us who are suffering with shoulder and neck issues due to the way they are working. Headaches, repetitive strain injuries (RSI’s) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are becoming common complaints. And it’s not just adults, but teenagers and students too. Ergonomics is all about keeping your body posture as natural and efficient as possible and ergonomic design is about designing these tools to fit us, not us to fit them. An upright ergonomic mouse elimiates twisting of thew forearm and encourages a more natural and relaxed hand posture.

Normal Price £53.90(wired) and £75.96(wirless) + VAT and postage

Our Special office Price £35.00(wired) and £53.50(wirless) + VAT and postage

To place an order just email Candi candi@healthy-homeoffice.com or call on 01483 600085 quoting HHO26 mouse.

Offer ends 31st April 2017