In our blog last week we discussed how using laptops for more than 30 minutes at at time can cause potential health problems with our necks, shoulders and back. We recommended that a small investment in a separate keyboard, mouse and laptop stand would create a far healthier way of working. With this in mind we have put together a special offer on our best selling laptop stand – HHO24. This adjustable laptop stand is made of high grade, light weight and sturdy aluminium. It has a slim, lightweight design and with it’s carry case it is easily portable between home office, home, college or University,  Its hollowed-out design helps to avoid overheating problems. It can be adjusted to six different angles for viewing comfort. The neoprene carry case doubles as mousepad.

Adjustable height and width.
Min. size: 252 x 182mm.
Max. size: 252 x 275mm.
Weight: 360 gram.

Normal Price £57.95 + VAT and postage

Our Special office Price £35.00 + VAT and postage

To place an order just email Candi or call on 01483 600085 quoting HHO24 Laptop stand.

Offer ends 28th Februrary 2017