Are you planning to work from home during August to accommodate children on summer holidays?


Creating a home office space – even temporarily – can be challenging because the available furniture at home may not be ideal for working; the dining table may be the wrong height, and the spare chair give little support. If you’ll be working primarily with a laptop computer, you’ll need to consider that using one for prolonged periods can cause muscle strain in the upper back, shoulders and neck.


Luckily, with a few simple, low-cost adjustments you can successfully adapt your working area at home to be much more ergonomically sound:


  • With blocks or bricks, you can change the height of your work surface to suit your working style – even standing, if that’s what you prefer;


  • A footstool or phone books can raise your feet to a comfortable position if the desk or table is too high;


  • A laptop stand is an excellent investment. The laptop’s inherent problem is that the keyboard and screen cannot be positioned separately; a part of your body will constantly be taking the strain to make up for this. A laptop stand elevates the screen to a height compatible with healthier individual use; add an external keyboard and mouse, and you’ve created a proper desktop set-up!


  • Always remember that ‘the best posture is the next posture’, and keep regular movement in your working routine: change position, get up, move around, and stretch.


If you’d like more ideas, or have a particularly tricky home office space to adapt, please contact us to find out how we can help. And if you decide to make the change permanent, we’d love to show you our full range of seating and desking.