There’s a reason that our logo is the Capisco Saddle Chair (we love the stripey one!): as we say in our catalogue – you won’t find another chair so well suited to work surfaces at different heights, or indeed to height-adjustable desks. The saddle chair encourages movement, and allows for total flexibility in your working environment.

The Capisco has been around for 30 years or so. The public are so used to them in certain contexts that most people really don’t ‘see’ them anymore – and probably don’t realise that the saddle chair is an ergonomic powerhouse.

When we think about hairdressers and dentists, for example, we can’t really remember a time when these two professions weren’t using the saddle chair; it provides for the simple movement and height-adjustment that are vital aspects of their work. In factory environments, such as assembly lines, the saddle chair has also been a key fixture for many years.  It’s perfectly designed for its function, and the semi-standing posture it encourages is much more natural to the body from a musculo-skeletal standpoint.

In the traditional office environment of past decades, desk height was usually static, so there was no need for the saddle chair. Now, with the increasing popularity of height-adjustable desking, this situation is changing. Even in Victorian times, certain professions had workers on high stools at tilted desks, and school desks were tilted too. Modern architects and artists are still using this kind of working style.

Working environments need to learn more from each other, and think outside the box: the saddle chair suits so many professions, especially where you can raise or adjust work surfaces. And it’s ideal for comfort in pregnancy!

Could you incorporate a saddle chair into your working day?