With so many of us desk-bound for much of our working day, getting movement into our daily routine has become vital for preventing posture related problems.

The traditional Office Meeting is one area that needs a complete overhaul, with attendees slumped on uncomfortable or rigid chairs, possibly for hours at a stretch, with the occasional shift in posture only to reach for more caffeine or a sugary pastry – it’s not exactly the ideal environment for clear thinking, listening, and productive exchanges!

Some companies have implemented standing or even walking meetings to keep the gathering short, snappy and effective; you can do this indoors or out. If that approach isn’t practical for you, keep movement in the meeting: have breaks every 20 minutes or so, and make sure everyone stands up and moves around; you can even put the refreshments (try fruit and herbal tea) in another room! Periods of standing throughout the day can improve circulation, muscle tone, and vitality – and that’s got to be good for business.

One of our recent clients tackled this issue by re-fitting their boardroom with a unique height-adjustable conference table with ergonomic stools instead of conventional chairs. This is a terrific solution, which enables regular changes in stance and posture within the same environment; the adjustable stools mean some people can sit whilst others stand, according to preference.

Are you still running meetings the old-fashioned way? If you are – remember that ‘the best posture is the next posture’, and keep both people and ideas moving!

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