The working population of many European countries is growing older; it is entirely possible that during the next 20 years we will see retirement ages rising further in order to meet the challenges and objectives of a highly demanding labour market. This situation has its beneficial aspects: older workers are often at their most experienced and productive; they can act as mentors for younger colleagues; and they can pass on organisation ‘knowledge’ which helps safeguard the business’s sustainability. A range of ages can only enrich a working culture. However, there are also health challenges specific to an ageing workforce, which must be addressed pro-actively! Ensuring that younger workers remain fit and able to work well into their 60’s should be the new priority for any forward-thinking company. Further, ‘age management’ has to recognise the differences between older and younger workers. For example, many older people find that their eyesight is weakening, and this can make a long day in front of the computer very uncomfortable. When the eyes get tired, the natural instinct is to either lean forward toward your monitor, or to adjust the position of your monitor, moving it closer – but most desktop monitors cannot be conveniently moved. At Healthy Home Office, we’d like to see more businesses investing in a monitor arm for all workers. The monitor arm makes it easy to adjust the position of the monitor according to each user’s needs. The issues of an aging workforce are going to affect each and every one of us. Have you considered how your business will cope?