If you ask the man in the street about ergonomic furniture, chances are he’ll mention the ‘kneeling chair’ straightaway – and then struggle to think of any other examples. Here in the United Kingdom – as opposed to Scandinavia – public knowledge of ergonomic furniture is indeed generally limited to this one iconic chair. Chair design has evolved significantly since then, to encompass other types of ergonomic seating – yet the kneeling chair endures. At Healthy Home Office, all our ‘Balans’ chairs are designed by the original Balans company.

The Balans chair was developed in 1979 by Hans Christian Mengshoel and the designers Oddvin Rykken, Svein Gusrud, and Peter Opsvik.

The purpose of this type of chair is to reduce lower back strain by dividing the burden of the weight to the shins, knees and buttocks. The design creates the open body angle by lowering the angle of the lower body, keeping the spine in alignment and the sitter properly positioned to the task. In this position, even if you lean inward, the body angle remains 90 degrees or wider. Balans offers a dynamic sitting position – ‘balanced sitting’ – and is specially designed to complement the natural way of sitting: active, yet relaxed. People with coccyx or tailbone pain resulting from significant hours spent sitting are particularly good candidates for the Balans chair. It also promotes greater lumbar curvature than the traditional chair design.

You probably know at least one person with a kneeling chair; they adapt to so many uses throughout the home and office. Now that you know how it all began, come see us to find out what benefits healthier sitting could have for you.