The brand new UP stool by Interstuhl  offers the user that all-important movement while they are working. We know this will be a big seller in 2018. Order yours quick!

The UP stool has a gas lift so you can vary the height from 45-63cm by pulling the red belt strap.

Children and adults benefit from the rounded base which allows the user to move in any direction. When sitting on the stool the gas lift acts like a spring and gives a little more movement to this already fabulous stool, along with the fact that its only 6kg making it easily indeed.

Reasons for having a UP Stool

  • Better sitting posture
  • Improves concentration in children
  • Removes conflict between sitting and motion
  • Growth in attention span
  • Improves core strength and balance
  • Sensory relief for children/adults with special needs
  • Fun!


Special Introductory Price of £99.00 + vat

(valid until the end of June 2018 after which the price will go up to £119.00 + vat)

Carriage charge of £10.00 + vat (per two stools) is in addition to either price.


The gas lift takes this dynamic stool one step further which is why we had no hesitation in adding the UP to our range of products. We are very cautious about adding and promoting products, but this stool is an absolute winner and we are sure you will agree.

For more information call us on 01483 600085 or go to our website page for the UP.

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