Our own trial results have shown improvements in:-

  • General well being
  • Concentration & focus
  • Increased attention span 
  • Supports children with ADHD, Anxiety and ASD
  • Improved participation within the classroom

The AlphaBetter height adjustable desk with fidget bar can also help towards the obesity issues our children are facing by introducing that much needed movement into the classroom. Awareness is increasing which can only be a good thing for all.

Don’t just take our word for it, click on the results leaflet below to see the feedback  from the 30+ schools that trialed the desks 

AlphaBetter Results Leaflet Oct 2018

And we haven’t stopped at the the desk in our special offer, we have included our dynamic stools

Hokki Stool

The exciting Hokki stool introduces dynamic movement within a stool for everyone. Its convex base encourages the body to move leading to healthier sitting, reduced tension and mental fatigue.

Fixed Height stools

31cm   – Standard Price – £77.00                    Discounted Price – £69.30

38cm   – Standard Price – £79.00                   Discounted Price – £71.10

46cm   – Standard Price – £81.00                    Discounted Price – £72.90

51cm   – Standard Price – £83.00                    Discounted Price – £74.70

62cm  – Standard Price – £98.00                   Discounted Price – £88.20

Height Adjustable

38 – 50cm – Standard Price – £122.00         Discounted Price – £109.80

50 – 68cm- Standard Price – £129.00          Discounted Price – £116.10

Up Stool

UPIS1 effortlessly and attractively combines two approaches: motion and mobility at the work station. With rounded base the stool allows the user to move in any direction.

Height adjustable 45 – 63cm

Standard Price£105.00 Discounted Price – £99.00

Fidget Stool

37.5 cm – Standard Price – £120.00  Discounted Price – £110.00

47.5 cm – Standard Price -£125.00  Discounted Price – £115.00

57.5 cm – Standard Price -£130.00  Discounted Price – £120.00


Guide Carriage costs

Alphabetter – £15.00 per desk and £8.50 per stool

All other stools are £8.50 for up to two stools.

Please contact us for a quote on carriage costs which will be subject to where you are and quantity ordered. 


We are currently looking into any grants available to help with the purchase of these products. We know that some Junior Schools have used the PE and Sports Premium Grant. Other schools have raised funds through the  PTA. We will let you know of any new grants that may help.

You can get in touch through our website or call us on 01483 600085.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to change the your classroom environment for a healthier option. The benefits for all children whatever their age and ability far outweigh the costs.