Home Office Layout

Going to be working from home over the next few weeks or months? We can set you up quickly!

While you are lowering your risk of getting Coronavirus you also need to avoid the aches and pains from working at home with a poorly designed workstation set up! Today’s minor aches and pains resulting from a poor working set up can result in major muskuloskeletal problems and long-term discomfort!

Speak to the experts to firstly understand what you could do with existing equipment to create a more comfortable and healthier working set up, but also take the opportunity to evaluate your current situation/workstation and identify whether longer term you may need to consider alternative or better more comfortable and healthier solutions.

You only have one back/body so make sure that you look after it as well as you can, good advice will cost you nothing but long term may help you save a fortune.

We have now set up a special hotline to help you get set up quickly.

Call Us on 01483 600085|sales@healthy-homeoffice.co.uk


Now we can help you make your workstation healthier and more productive with the following products and services.

Accessories packs – We have put together two bundles to help you set up your laptop/PC correctly to help you avoid neck, shoulder back or wrist aches and pains. Each pack includes an upright mouse, laptop stand and mini keyboard. Remember this is only assists with one area of your workstation. Things like the chair you are sitting in or the height of the table/desk you are working from will all have an impact.

Email workstation Assessments – We will ask for a number of photos of the individuals working along with dimensions of the working area and the size and height of desk being used. We will spend some time on the phone discussing the sort of work, the equipment being used and the amount of time spent working following which we will generally highlight any potential problem areas after which will be followed up with any recommendations via e-mail.

Showroom Assessments – We ask that you bring photos of your workstation along with the height of desk you will be working at and we will re-create your set up in our showroom. We will initially focus on any obvious risk areas with regards to layout and positioning of equipment after which we will advise how to change things for the better. Any recommendations will be confirmed via e-mail.

Whether you want to liaise with us via e-mail, visit our showroom or purchase one of our homeworking packs you can be assured that we will advise you on the best course of action.

It is also worth bearing in mind that during the Coronavirus Crisis, we are unsure of what impact it will have on the supply of commercial and home office furniture, therefore it is worth planning ahead. We have access to a wide range of products that can be delivered within short lead times.