You may already feel like working from home is the best thing that every happened to you: no commute; no irritating co-workers; and EVERY day is Casual Friday! Or, you may find it a mixed blessing: too many distractions; a bit isolating; hard to shift into ‘work mode’.

Either way, there are some simple steps you can take to take the most of your independent status: you can make adjustments to suit yourself, so why wait?

  1. Separate ‘work’ and ‘life’ by establishing the all-important workstation. If you are not lucky enough to have a separate room, then mentally fence off an area of the room you have. An extra-big L-shaped corner desk can help you keep things tidy and separate;
  2. If possible, work near a window. If not – use a full-spectrum light bulb, plus a ‘task light’ that you can adjust;
  3. Take breaks. Recommendations are: ten seconds every four minutes; and ten minutes every hour. Keep hydrated by making some of those breaks toward the kettle;
  4. Blink. Every 20 minutes, pause for 20 seconds and focus on an object 20 feet away. This will reduce eye strain from staring at the computer screen;
  5. Invest in a pot plant. Oddly, studies have shown that having a green pal nearby enhances our well-being.
  6. Make sure your furniture is ergonomically suited to your work style. Too much sitting plays havoc with our joints, muscles and posture. Physical discomfort should not become a problem; come see us at Healthy Home Office for an assessment before you decide about furniture.
  7. Finally, exercise your prerogative to NOT work at home! Sit in the park, or a coffee shop, or with a home-working friend for a valuable change of scenery and focus.

This week, tackle just one of the above and start getting more from your home office.