Furniture for Work, Home and School

From everyday Office Furniture to specialist Ergonomic Solutions, we offer advice and guidance on all aspects of workplace furniture, for the office or home office.  From a single desk or chair to an entire refurbishment, we provide a seamless process, from design to installation.  We pride ourselves on exceeding our client’s expectations, on time and on budget delivering projects which inspire, improve productivity and reflect your style.

We also work closely with individuals who have been referred to us through their specialist practitioner, as we have a comprehensive range of ergonomically designed seating and desking in our Guildford Showroom.

With the increased use of computers and sedentary lifestyles, we find ourselves working more & more with children.  As a result, we’ve spent a long time looking at products specifically designed for Young People, especially for use within the school environment.  Very much like adult offices, classrooms are far too static, so we’ve been finding better ways of increasing movement, not just through the choice of furniture, but a much more holistic approach to the design & functionality of the whole room.

Commercial Office Furniture to Boost Productivity

Our modern ways of working are not the best for our health and wellbeing, too many hours sitting in one position and using much of our modern technology can result in various health and posture problems, our aim is to always look at options to try and provide the healthiest solutions for any individual or business

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Home Office Furniture for the Modern Worker

With more of the population working from home on a full time or part time basis, we need to be aware that many individuals will often spend the same or more time working as they would in the office, so the home office needs to be as functional, practical and healthy as any office environment.

Home Office DesksHome Office Chairs and a range of Accessories for Home Offices

Functional, Fun & Productive Furniture for Schools

Many of our schools provide very basic static products with little if any consideration for the student’s health. We share the same belief as with Office and Home Office environments, classrooms need to encourage movement through the furniture, creating spaces that are adaptable and multi-functional.

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Design Service to make the most of your available space

For many years the design focus has been based on space and cost savings. Now with a generally more sedentary lifestyle and changes to the way we use the technology we need to focus on providing healthier working environments, encouraging staff to be more dynamic – Healthier staff can reduce absenteeism, are generally happier, more efficient and productive.

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