Specifications and options for Efit:

  • Auto-weight synchro control
  • Air comfort system
  • Seat slide
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Adaptive lumbar section
  • Adjustable arms in Polypropylene or aluminium
  • Polyamide or aluminium base options in black or white with polished finish for aluminium only.
  • Castor options auto braking or anti-static.



The Efit chair has a youthful and free-spirited aesthetic which brings together comfort and ergonomic design. This chair has been designed with a focus on people and on making them feel comfortable and centred while still giving them freedom to move around. Efit chairs are largely manufactured using thermoplastic materials which are easily recyclable. This plus their optimised logistics process makes Efit one of our most environmentally-friendly chairs”. EFIT incorporates an adaptative lumbar section integrated in the backrest adapting to user’s back’s shape.

Medium or high polyproplyene back. Partially upholstered back, adjustable arms and draughtsman chair options available. White or black frame and base to chose from.

Contact us for full range of fabric options

Prices start from £270.48.00+VAT

Leadtime 2-3 weeks

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